Meet+Eat is an online documentary series in which people from very different backgrounds, sit down, share a meal and have a yarn.

What do you really know about the person who serves you at the grocery store, or your old high school teacher? Do you think old people are wise? Or just old? Are all truck drivers the same? Would you invite a relative stranger into your house and share a meal with them?

CuriousWorks believes the act of sitting down and sharing a meal is a powerful way of getting to know another person.  Often we assume we know things about the people we see regularly but in truth, we have no idea of their life story. We greet our neighbours daily – but do we really know anything about them? The simple act of sharing a meal provides a unique opportunity to connect with each other. Over a meal we share stories; deepen our understanding of another person… and we get to eat delicious food! It’s a win-win-win.

At its core, Meet+Eat is about celebrating diversity. During production, CuriousWorks utilised its award-winning community model to work directly with families and community groups from two of Australia’s most culturally rich and diverse areas: Hume in Victoria and South Western Sydney in NSW – where you can walk down the main street and meet the world. Meet +Eat introduces you to the truck drivers, musicians, comedians, teachers and grandmothers of these places.  Over the series, we hear their stories of immigration, identity, personal challenges and personal victories.

Meet+Eat is an initiative of CuriousWorks, with the generous support of VicHealth, Scanlon Foundation, Arts NSW, Australia Council for the Arts and Hume City Council’s Community Grants Program.



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