Episode 6 – Wild at Heart

Meet Omar, Nadia and the Troutbeck brothers   Explore a story of global and suburban displacement told through the courageous and inspiring stories of one of Australia’s oldest farming families and one of Australia’s newest arrivals.   Down… Read More

Episode 5 – Wild Liverpool

Meet Uncle Steve & Glen   Meet Liverpool’s citizen of the year and Aboriginal elder, Uncle Steve and local historian and wild food forager, Glen.   Uncle Steve unravels the smoking ceremony and shares stories of Aboriginal history… Read More

Episode 4 – Tour of Beauty

Meet Lesley, Teo & Yamane. Three strong women explore culture through food against the backdrop of a new Australian society emerging from Western Sydney. Meet three extraordinary women from different cultural backgrounds with a passion for food and… Read More

Episode 3 – On the Line

Meet Ahmad, Zahara and Kevin   Meet three artists from Hume who make art that matters. Couple – Ahmad and Zahrah, have made it their mission to search out and document falafel and hummus shops in some of… Read More

Episode 2 – Next Gen Cabramatta

Meet Sean & Buddha Explore identity, representation and food through the eyes of Sean and Buddha, the next generation of Cabramatta. These future community leaders are forging ahead intelligently and weaving their own identities into the fabric of… Read More

Episode 1 – Field of Dreams

Meet Dhammika & Nayana, two immigrant from Hume who share a common love and passion for dancing. FIELD OF DREAMS gives us a deep insight into the cultural significance of dance in both cultures and offers us an… Read More

Meet+Eat – The Trailer

Meet+Eat is an online documentary series in which people from very different backgrounds sit down, share a meal and have a yarn. What do you really know about the person who serves you at the grocery store, or… Read More

Episode 1 – Dust+Dreams

Welcome to the world of men, trucks, football and burnouts. Meet Shane and Marcelo – both truck drivers and dedicated family men. On the menu? Meat, meat, brains, intestines and… weird looking food.   At its heart, Meet+Eat… Read More

Episode 2 – The Deer and the Fawn

In The Deer and the Fawn, we visit Banksia Gardens in Broadmeadows; a dynamic and innovative neighbourhood house in one of Australia’s most culturally diverse areas – Hume. Banksia Gardens play host to two of the most charming… Read More

Episode 3 – Symphony for Two Rivers

Two passionate and talented musicians – one from generations of pioneers to Australia, the other a refugee from Iraq. Through collaboration, Yousif and David discover music can bridge any cultural divide – even conflicting musical scales and different… Read More