Episode 2 – The Deer and the Fawn

In The Deer and the Fawn, we visit Banksia Gardens in Broadmeadows; a dynamic and innovative neighbourhood house in one of Australia’s most culturally diverse areas – Hume.

Banksia Gardens play host to two of the most charming groups of ladies we have met yet: the Girls Circle and the Turkish Women’s Group. When members of the Girls Circle arrange to have lunch with the older Turkish ladies, both parties have surprising reservations about the other.

This story is an insider view of into the sometimes forgotten value of intergenerational exchange.

Meet Nazmyre, Fatima, Amber, Dounia, Hyatt and Raniem.

At its heart, Meet+Eat celebrates diversity. Throughout the series, we explore the charming and compelling stories of people from two of Australia’s most culturally rich and diverse regions: Hume in Victoria and South Western Sydney – where you can walk down the street and meet the world.

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