Episode 2 – Next Gen Cabramatta

Meet Sean & Buddha

Explore identity, representation and food through the eyes of Sean and Buddha, the next generation of Cabramatta.

These future community leaders are forging ahead intelligently and weaving their own identities into the fabric of Australian society. Both are exceptional cooks who hold extensive cultural culinary knowledge and are willing to share their kitchen secrets with the audience.

Let Sean and Buddha bring you up to speed on all things Cabramatta and cooking.

CULTURE: Vietnamese, Cambodian

FOOD: Vietnamese Banh Xeo (Sizzling Cake), Somlor Machou Kroeung (Cambodian Beef Soup)

At its heart, Meet+Eat celebrates diversity. Throughout the series, we explore the charming and compelling stories of people from two of Australia’s most culturally rich and diverse regions: Hume in Victoria and South Western Sydney – where you can walk down the street and meet the world.

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