Episode 6 – Wild at Heart

Meet Omar, Nadia and the Troutbeck brothers


Explore a story of global and suburban displacement told through the courageous and inspiring stories of one of Australia’s oldest farming families and one of Australia’s newest arrivals.


Down the road, on the suburban fringe, three elderly brothers in their 80s are still single-handedly running the last dairy farm in Craigieburn. After four generations on the land, their days are numbered as they struggle to survive the modernisation of milk production and the ever approaching suburban sprawl.


Nadia and Omar, on the other hand, have already had to leave their land in Pakistan and for them, living in the new developments on the rural fringe in Craigieburn is a hidden paradise.


What transpires is a beautiful portrait of what it is to belong to a land and live off the land.


CULTURE: Pakistani, 4th Gen Australian

FOOD: Aloo Gosht Curry, Cream Sponge